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Roland System-100M Modular Analog Synthesizer


Roland System-100M Modular Analog Synthesizer:

The System 100m is Roland's contribution to professional analog modular synthesis. It was based on the more limited, semi-modular System 100, but is several steps of ahead of its predecessor. The System 100m offers over 20 modular components to pick and choose to design a custom modular set-up.

This example is very clean and comes in a 191-J cabinet, and with the original Japanese manual.

Included are:

1- 110 VCO single oscillator synth voice

1- 131 Mixer, 4 X 2 X 1, with panning and a tuning oscillator (220/440/880Hz)

2- 140 Dual Envelope (ADSR, invertable, and manual gate button) and LFO (5 waveforms with switchable range: x1, x1/10)

1- 172 Phase Shifter, Audio Delay, LFO, Gate Delay

This is an amazing group of base modules to start a System-100M, and can sound incredible by itself, but it would also make an amazing addition to another 100M rack. 

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